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Thursday, March 28th

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The American folk-music revival began in the 1940s and peaked in the mid-1960s, with such singers as Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Joan Baez. Groups, formal and informal, formed on college campuses nationwide and BU was no exception. These students met in November 1964 for a session in the Sargent Gym. Photo by BU Photography

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Caolan Disini (CAS'20) from left, Maria Dominguez (CAS'21), and Jared Yellen (CAS'21) with the BU Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality club Play Video

Exploring the World of Augmented and Virtual Reality

The phrase “virtual reality” likely conjures up scenes from The Matrix and Ready Player One. Immersing yourself in a digital world where you can interact with computer-generated characters may seem like the stuff of science fiction—or the distant future. In fact, virtual reality (VR) and close cousin “augmented reality” (AR) are more prevalsent than you might realize. Watch our video to learn about BU’s AR/VR club.

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Capturing History

Peek into the letters, photos, and ephemera stored in the collections of the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center.

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